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QMS Certification Services Private Limited (QMSCSPL), a Multi-national JAS-ANZ accredited Third Party Certification and Training Body, was formed in 2001 with Customer Services and Value in mind to cater to the Certification and Training needs of companies of all sizes, across a wide range of industry and service sector. QMSCSPL has its Registered Office in Delhi and Head office in Bengaluru.

Personnel at QMSCSPL have had an extensive and varied experience as Auditors, Auditees (the customers) and Trainers thus injecting a unique sense of value and service. All assessments and trainings are undertaken with the customer processes being paramount, not just following the clauses of the relevant management system standard. QMSCSPL ensures that all the auditors are impeccably qualified, properly trained and have the necessary expertise to understand business processes. Our aims have been embodied into our Philosophy statement, our Mission statement and our Management policy.

QMSCSPL is very much aware of the just another number syndrome within larger certification or training bodies and we have deliberately steered away from the volume market and specialized in high value Certification and Auditor Training so as to be more service oriented, value adding certification and training provider. Recognizing that change is a constant feature of today's business environment, QMSCSPL is committed to the concept of continual improvement, working in tandem with clients to ensure on-going enhancement of systems and services. Regardless of a organization's size or location, QMSCSPL adheres to its policy of providing support at all times.

We currently provide our certification services in India, South Korea, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Indonesia, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia.

QMSCSPL is accredited by JAS-ANZ QMS, EMS & OH&SMS Scheme in October 2014 and is accredited for all Technical Areas except Aquacuture, Forestry, Fishing, Agriculture, Forestry Support Services, Oil & Gas Extraction, Petroleum & Coal Product Manufacturing, Rail, Water, Air & Space Tarnsport, Public Administration & Defence. Subsequently, we got accredited for FSMS for Catering in April 2017.


Our Management Policy

The driving force of is predominantly one of the professionalism and quality of service which is based upon the proven skills of its people.

Our Management Policy is "To provide effective and value adding management system certification services to our clients with high standards of impartiality, ethics(management of conflict of interest), and objectivity."

QMSCSPL is a living and dynamic entity relying upon the input from Accreditation Bodies, Clients, the Advisory & Impartiality Committee and internal personnel to enable ongoing improvement and relevance to all stake holders.


Our Philosophy

At QMSCSPL we actively promote excellence in the Management System of our Clients, which results in greater efficiency and
profitablity for their business. Through competitive market porces, this will spread throughout thier Industry and others, reducing waste, improving working conditions and increasing profitablity across the entire economy.
We therefore believe that excellence in our Quality Management Services will secure benefits for the entire community.


Our Mission

QMSCSPL train and utilise highly capable staff to provide valuable services to assist our clients to achieve the international recognition and acceptance they deserve.
Through excellence in these activities, QMSCSPL will be the Management System Certification Company, which any organisation will consider as first choice internationally.





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